Our B.T.M.F. System

The B.T.M.F. System is a personal developed system by Brand Lux Media. We strictly believe that this system is ideal if you want to expand and create a real long-term business. Schedule a call to know more about it.



Branding is one of the most fundamental steps in any type of business. Creating a clear Brand around what you do or sell, is a "must".


Creating a Brand gives you the opportunity for others to remember you based on specific and determined things like; your mission, vision, brand logo, style, and how you present yourself.

Not creating and a stable and professional Brand, will really impact the rest of our system. In other words, Branding is inevitable for any type of company.

We concentrate most of our initial time creating a Brand that is sustainable for the long-term, a 
Brand that conveys a specific message.



The next step that Brand Lux Media focuses on, after and while creating a sustainable Brand for the business, is to acquire trust form the prospects.

The reality is that creating trust is difficult, while losing it is can be extremely simple and fast. Its just a matter of what you offer to your community.

What we strictly believe is that trust can be achieve by offering very high perceived value for free. This can be done by offering a free podcast, creating a helpful blog, or free courses.

By gaining trust for your company and overall Brand, prospects will be much more likely to become clients the next time they see you on ad.



Building trust is fundamental for marketing. Its quite simple to think about it; marketing to people that trust you will really increase the chances of them to become customers and eventually stay for the long-run.

We use marketing in our first step: when we create the culture and "Brand" of the company. Instead of looking for customers/clients, we advertise to spread your brand awareness until it is officially established.

After spreading brand awareness and gaining social proof by collecting likes, comments, and shares in our ads, we market to potential buyers by testing, optimizing, and scaling ads to various audiences. 


ollow up

This final step is our personal favorite! This is where the real money comes from. After gaining a lot of data from our ads, we know have the information to retarget people that engaged in specific ways with out brand.

Re-marketing is definitely one of the most powerful things in online marketing. Other than re-marketing to prospects, we also create email sequence automations from the email list that we by running determined ads

Applying re-marketing and follow up principals will totally change you business. Statistics say that it takes an average of 7 times for a prospect to see you or your Brand, before they decide to trust you and take action. We make this happen!