Difil Costruzioni Case Study

Difil Costruzioni is a Luxury Real Estate Company that builds luxury houses for very wealthy people. They were getting all of their customers by referrals and spread of word, as it is quite difficult to target those types of clients online, although it is perfectly possible.

As their team was expanding and growing exponentially, they contacted us to reach more potential clients online. Since they had a large budget to work with, we knew that we could find them qualified prospects that were willing to spend multiple millions of dollars for a house. 


After collaborating with us, Difil Costruzioni closed 2 clients in just 3 months. Considering that the clients closed two 20 to 30 million dollar projects, it was a great success for the company. The campaigns were a great success and we are currently finding more and more prospects for them. 

Our Facebook and Instagram Lead Generation campaigns brought around 35 - 45 prospects every single month. The number of leads is not great, but considering that we were targeting people with very high incomes, it was an accomplishment to have found 2 closing clients in just 3 months.

We accomplished this goal by targeting the right people and creating a high converting sales funnel. In this case targeting was the hardest part considering that it is difficult to find prospects with very high wealth. The sales funnel was based on capturing their name, surname, email, and mobile phone number in exchange for a free detailed estimate after a meeting. Once they give us the information we would then redirect them to a scheduling software.

Why Brand Lux Media

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