Retargeting & Follow Up

Retargeting and following up with prospects is our personal favorite part of a business journey, for a simple reason: this is where the money comes from.

As discussed in the Funnel Creation page, we do not get disappointed if our funnels brake even (Revenue generated with sales funnel - Advertising Spend = Zero). If you think about it, you would be generating Free Leads, considering that for people to go through your funnel, they must give you their email address. Now that you have free leads, you won't have to spend more money on re-marketing to them because the follow up process is already going on. 

This might seem a little overwhelming, but don't worry the Brand Lux Media team has done it so many times until now!

Follow Up

Following up is also the game changer! The only difference between Retargeting and following up, is the cost: follow up is completely free because we use your leads to re-market to them. Have you ever heard the saying "The Money is in the List". If you haven't then this could be a reason why your business is not succeeding or finding the results you would want. 

Imagine having a list of 10,000 people. Whenever you decide to launch a product/service you would just have to write an intriguing e-mail and send it to all of your list. The extraordinary part of a list, is that the conversion rates are extremely high. Conversion rates typically depend on the niche or market you are in. If you are in Real Estate Agent, you are going to have lower conversion rates because the cost to acquire a house are much higher compared to an eCommerce product of 50$.


Conversion rates can go up to 15% if not more, but lets just say that you just have 1% conversion rate, meaning that out of 10,000 emails sent 100 people purchase your product/service. This means that if you are selling a 50$ product/service the revenue and profit would be 5,000$. This is only done by sending one email to your list.

Why Brand Lux Media

We do what ever it takes in order to reach your business goals. We don't want to only work with you, but we want to build a collaboration to help you test, optimize and scale your business. Our team is very dedicate and passionate about what they do. We have experts in all areas; managing ad accounts, copy writing, website building, funnel creation, and many other areas. 


We would love to hear about your business and the ways we can help you reach your goals. Feel free to schedule a call, or contact us so we can get back to you.