Giotex Case Study

Giotex is one of the leading textile manufactures in Mexico. T​hey contacted us with the goal of acquiring more long-term clients that had a demand for high quality textiles. Their business were growing and they wanted an extra boost. They were not really dealing with the online world as their contracts were done by word of mouth. 


The main strategies we used was Facebook/Instagram ads as well as cold calling and emailing clothing businesses that could be potential clients for Giotex. 


Contacted Business/mo

2,000 - 2500 

Client Meetings/mo

10 - 12

Closed Deals/mo


Considering that business owners are a little more difficult to find using Facebook Ads, we mostly concentrated on cold calling, emailing, and messaging businesses to ask if they were interested in acquiring high quality textile. Most of the business were in Mexico, but we also targeted businesses in the USA and Canada.

2-3 closings per month for a big textile manufacturer might not seem like a lot, but in reality they are because about 90% of Giotex's clients stay and order in the long-run bringing recurring revenue for the company.

Why Brand Lux Media

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