Instagram Ads

Did you know that 95% of Instagram users are also on Facebook. The reality is that the more a customer interacts with your brand and the more it is likely to purchase your product or service. In order to have full advantage of Facebook, Instagram is the perfect platform to complete your full reach of potential buyers. 

Instagram Influencers

The real power of instagram comes in Instagram influencers. There are two types of influencers; macro influencers, and micro influencers. Macro are the influencers that have over 100k followers. On the other hand micro influencers have less than 100k followers. Both types are extremely powerful for advertising purposes, but there is one thing that the beginners do not look at; engagement rate. 

A good engagement rate is over 3%. We do not recommend working with an engagement rate lower than that, because the chances are that there are quite a bit of fake followers, which has become more and more common. This does not mean that there are not a lot of high quality pages and influencers, as a matter of fact there are tons. Mastering how to find good pages and instagram influencers will save you a lot of time and money. 

There is nothing more powerful than advertising your product/service to a person that has the hot audience you are looking for. The conversion rates skyrocket, and the truth is that finding the right influencer can generate you thousands of dollars in just a matter of hours. We have done it! 

Why Instagram

Instagram is used by over than 500 million people. Running ads on Instagram is the best way to gain massive exposer to your website. Instagram advertising is one of the best ways to advertise and to reach people of all ages. 

Driving traffic from Instagram is extremely powerful, but one must know how to do it, or else it would be a huge waste of time and especially money. Having a specialized team that has learned it the hard way (by spending millions of dollars on Facebook and Instagram) we know how to approach people with ads on social media, and we exactly know the systems that don't work and the ones that have been proven to work.

In order to drive high quality traffic from Instagram you need a great Social Media Marketing Agency. Let Brand Lux Media to do it for you! 

Why Brand Lux Media

We do what ever it takes in order to reach your business goals. We don't want to only work with you, but we want to build a collaboration to help you test, optimize and scale your business. Our team is very dedicate and passionate about what they do. We have experts in all areas; managing ad accounts, copy writing, website building, funnel creation, and many other areas. 


We would love to hear about your business and the ways we can help you reach your goals. Feel free to schedule a call, or contact us so we can get back to you.