IQprojx Case Study

IQprojx is an eCommerce Electronics Company. Their Brand is mainly focused on one product: the 20,000 mAh Solar Power Bank. The main problem that they where encountering was that they could barely go onto the profit zone. In other words, they were looking for more sales!


The goal that they wanted was pretty straight forward, and considering that their product was in a very competitive niche, we decided to create a sales funnel that would get the prospects and the owner of the company in a closer relationship.

Our main process was to create brand awareness and more engagement with the brand with the goal of just spreading out the word and expanding their name in the United States. One important step before runnings ads is to build up trust by creating an "Engagement" campaign, and that is what we did. Running this type of campaign has brought us exactly what we wanted; more ad engagements, meaning that our ads had a lot of likes, comments and shares.

After we tested 5-6 ad creatives during the first week, we selected the one that was best performing in terms of engagement. We then decided to go directly into a purchase conversion campaign, focusing on getting purchase straight away. The process was a little aggressive but we knew that it was going to be successful based on the great engagement we had on the specific post. Their product page was already very well built before they contacted us, but we knew there was more to it in order to stand out from the competition.

Day 2 of Running the Ad

We let the ad run and kept testing for creatives on our engagement campaign in order to continuously find engaging and successful ad creative winners, which is an essential process to be successful. We tested many different cold interests in our conversion campaign, we optimized them, and then horizontally and vertically scaled them based on their success.

These were the awesome results that IQprojx found in just one month, considering that their ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) was 1.7.

ROAS Before Working With Us


Revenue Before Working With Us


ROAS After Working With Us


Revenue After Working With Us


Other than running very successful Facebook and Instagram Campaigns, we focused on one main thing, which was building a high quality and converting funnel. When the visitors clicked on the "Shop Now" button, we brought them to a sales page that clearly explained the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of the product, while also telling an engaging story.


In order to collect leads as well, for the follow up process, we offered the funnel visitors a special discount code explaining that the code would only be available for the people seeing this page with the risk that they might not see the page again. We then collected email leads in exchange for the coupon code, and once they opted in we would send them an email with the code.

After they submitted their order, we then brought them to another sales page where we would offer them two more power banks and one was 60% off the already discounted price. It was a huge offer! We did this because we knew for a fact that people that already buy from a company will a have a higher chance of buying and spending more money. Its statistically proven!

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