Our Services:

Brand Lux Media is a full on agency. This means that our services are not limited, and we are ready to help your supplement company reach your desired goals. Take a look at our services and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help.

We manage and scale your Facebook ads by testing ad creatives, optimizing interests, and scaling what is proven to work. We scale your business by increasing ad budgets, creating Look Alike Audiences (an audience that presents very similar characteristics to the buying persona), and many other ways! 

We manage your Instagram account for advertising. Other than advertising online with Facebook ads, which also controls Instagram ads, we advertise throughout Instagram influencers in order to achieve the warmest audience for your product.

We create Sales Funnels for your business with very high conversion rates. Our main goal with Funnels is to create a long-term relationship with each customer, and we do this by collecting qualified leads. Although we build funnels that generate sales, that is not only goal. Our other goal is to collect qualified leads so that the leads become "traffic you own" and not traffic you have to buy. The real profits come form following up from your collected leads, and guess what? Since its traffic you own, its completely free!

Retargeting & Follow Up are the main and most important services that we offer. We are using this service for everyone of our clients. With Facebook ads and Instagram ads we have the authority to retarget people that have engaged with your ads or website, and that have completed determined actions, like going on a page or clicking on a specific link. We follow up with messenger automation bots, and mainly email as they are the most direct ways of communicating with leads or customers. Retargeting and Follow up are what bring the real money to your business.

Social Media Management is just what it sounds!. We have a team that is fully responsible for posting on your Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as liking and commenting for more networking and engagement. True and real long-term followers come from posting valuable and interesting content consistently. This is why we are here to help you!

Our Website Creation team has now built numerous of websites. We optimize your website based on what your main goal is. We also create copyright content for your business in order to give value for your visitors and therefore help your website rank better on google.

Why Brand Lux Media

We do what ever it takes in order to reach your business goals. We don't want to only work with you, but we want to build a collaboration to help you test, optimize and scale your business. Our team is very dedicate and passionate about what they do. We have experts in all areas; managing ad accounts, copy writing, website building, funnel creation, and many other areas. 


We would love to hear about your business and the ways we can help you reach your goals. Feel free to schedule a call, or contact us so we can get back to you.