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9 Reasons Why Ecommerce Brands Fail

  1. The sales process is too transactional

  2. They don't leverage the power of a converting sales copy  

  3. They don't utilize sales funnels for better conversion rates

  4. They don't gain trust from their audience before selling

  5. They are hindered by a lack of consumer insight

  6. They don't have an automated system that brings them new customers consistently month over month

  7. They don't focus on long-term customer value but just on one-time sales

  8. They are too focused on the front end funnel and don't worry about the back-end

  9. Don't market with emotional appeal

As a Brand owner, your interest is geared more towards the wellness of your customers. Let us take care of the health of your marketing strategies and online presence

Our Approach

We don't throw random ideas at you. That's called guessing and its not what we do at Brand Lux Media. Instead we research, continuously test, and study audiences to see which ones convert, which ones don't, and why. Then we develop treatments to find audiences similar to the ones that converted.

If you don't address the issue of TRUST and BELIEF you will not get traction from your audience.

All the unsuccessful companies sell by targeting random audiences, and by selling to people even before gaining brand awareness and trust. If you are in any business you should perfectly be aware of the fact that trust is fundamental for creating a long-term brand. If you are not doing this right now, you are acquiring one-time customers  and you are thinking in the short-term.

NOTICE: companies partner with us to not only get the right strategies in place to maximize profits, but to build a business that transmits value to its customers. 

Our focus is primarily based on transforming your current company into an automated customer acquisition system that allows you to build a sustainable long-term successful brand thanks to our personalized B.T.M.F. System. If you are looking for quick one-time sales and short-term revenue, we are not the right fit for you.

We Only Take A Few Clients At a Time

We cannot work with everyone. We’re highly specialized at creating an automated system that will allow you to target people that are interested in your products, convert them into buyers, and consistently follow up with them creating long-term customers. We are very selective with who we work with and only work with a few clients at a time. To really make our system work, our clients have to be curious, patient and open to new ideas. 

We Can Help If You Have A Brand That's 

  • Struggling to convert vistors into cusotmers

  • Struggling to scale profitably at consistent rates

  • Struggling to resonate with the ideal client

  • Wants to focus more on the creative side of the business